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No matter what language you speak, the success of the Rome Festival Orchestra, Ltd. depends on the groups of dedicated, hard-working volunteers from all countries, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Choral volunteers range in age from their late teens to their sixties.


The Rome Festival Orchestra, Ltd. and its Summer Institute present choral symphony concerts and chamber music concerts in courtyards in the historic center of Rome, Italy. The Festival has been continuously compared favorably to the prestigious Rome Opera.


If you or someone you know are interested in:


• singing as choral volunteer in our concerts


• living in the heart of Rome, Italy, during your volunteer service.


The Rome Festival Orchestra, Ltd., an American charity (fully recognized by the IRS), and its Summer Institute may be the answer.




As a choral volunteer from Jume 17 to July 5, 2017, you will rehearse daily and perform in two or three concerts. When you are not rehearsing and performing, you will enjoy the treasures of the "Eternal City" along with other participants in the Rome Festival. If you are accepted as a choral volunteer, we will send you a schedule covering all your commitment when the schedule is completed.




As a volunteer, your travel expenses are considered a charitable contribution and are income tax deductible. When you return home, upon successful completion of your volunteer service, you will be sent a letter thanking you for working as a volunteer.

Expenses in Rome are $1,994 per person and include a hotel room with private bath, daily breakfast, entrance to all Rome Festival performances, guided cultural visits related to the program, and use of all facilities available to Festival participants. Additional expenses totaling approximately $1,200 include travel expenses between home and the Festival and meals while in Rome.




The Rome Festival Orchestra, Ltd. is an American 501 (c)(3) educational charity. The Associazione Rome Festival in Italy and the Rome Festival Orchestra, LTD. in the United States govern the Festival and its Institutes. They provide partial subsidy to artists who win national auditions to perform.

It is the first festival of its kind in Rome and is now copied by other festivals. However, it remains the festival most recognized by the Italian government and high-ranking officials, including 45 members of the Italian Parliament (18 senatore and 27 onorevole).




The Rome Festival Orchestra was founded in the summer of 1971 when a group of Italian music lovers approached a young American conductor, Fritz Maraffl, to help them bring to life their vision of a series of concerts to be held in Italy using American musicians. During the fall of 1971 and spring of 1972, the newly formed Rome Festival Orchestra began the enormous task of pulling together a series of six concerts of different programs.

The Festival debuted to great success and has grown to over 50 performances with artists from nine countries. Performances now include baroque and rococo operas, as well as operas of Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi, Bizet, Puccini and Humperdinck. The Festival also added the Rome Festival Ballet, chamber music series for pianists and classical guitarists, the Young Artists in Rome program for children’s opera parts, and an international competition for operatic voices, and an international competition for ballet dancers. To ensure the survival of the Festival an American charity was formed to support the artists and the Associazione Rome Festival was formed by Italian volunteers to receive direct grants from the regional and national governments to build a base of support independent of those controlled by the founders.

Because of the careful managing of the Festival and the officer’s willingness to make changes to improve the Festival, it continues to grow and gather support. In 2002 the Festival added a residency for concert choral singers and expanded its volunteer program in Rome.

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