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IMPORTANT NEWS THAT YOU CAN USE: Beginning in 2022, or 2023, the Rome Festival will begin festival activities in San Juan and Luquillo, Puerto Rico. San Juan is the oldest European city built in America. Walking among the streets of old town San Juan feels like walking in a Spanish or Italian historic center. The activities will be open to performers, volunteers, and audience members. To receive information about how you can experience the rare opportunity of the Rome Festival in Puerto Rico while bringing help to the classical musicians and Puerto Rico itself, please email us at: romefestival@yahoo.com. Please help the musicians and classical music in Puerto Rico

For over fifty years the Rome Festival has offered artists from around the world the opportunity to study, perform, and live in the heart of the inspirational historic center of Rome. The artists perform in palace courtyards with the Rome Festival Orchestra, Opera, Ballet, Concert Chorus, and Chamber Music Ensembles. From their small hotels they can walk to the cultural treasures of Rome to learn how they inspired so many composers. 

The Rome Festival invites instrumentalists, singers, ballet dancers, designers, and volunteers from all regions, socioeconomic levels, and ethnic groups. Each summer artists come to the Rome Festival from all over Italy, the United States, and at least nine other countries. The high quality of the professional level performances helps the artists learn from each other and improve their future performances. After the Festival the artists network through each other for worldwide professional opportunities. 

The artists receive partial or total subsidy for their expenses from several sources: the Associazione "Rome Festival" in Italy, which sponsors the Rome Festival, the Rome Festival Orchestra Ltd., an American 501(c) (3) educational charity, as well as local grants, and contributions. 

Instrumentalists, opera singers, concert choral singers, and volunteers range in age from the early twenties to the early sixties. Ballet dancers range in age from mid teens to mid thirties. Young Artists in Rome singers, who perform with the Rome Festival Opera as a childrens chorus and young people in the adult chorus, range in age from twelve to twenty. 

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